Diverse Content

Liv Forever Co prides itself in posting relevant and diverse content for its readers. We want to talk about the things that matter, and that puts us in a totally different category of lifestyle blogging.

Instagram Following

We reserve our ‘following’ section on our Instagram page just for our fabulous partners! We don’t do this to be unfair to other Instagram accounts, but to add a bonus perk for those that we work with – our followers can easily browse the list of who we follow and they will see your brand!

Social Media Education

We are very well educated and continue to research top ways to stay relevant in the social media world. We want to be able to share this wealth of knowledge with those that we work with as well. Work with us and we will help bring you to the top with us!


Are you interested in sponsoring the content on this website and social media accounts? We are a little picky with our selections, but only because we want to provide our readers with the best content possible. Does your brand use eco-friendly materials for products? Donate a portion of proceeds to a cause? Volunteer hours to other communities? Use fair labor practices? Treat all employees equally? Please request to see our media kit.

Do you have a burdening need to write? Do you wake up in the middle of the night with crazy ideas that force you to get out of bed to write in your notebook? Get typing! We want to hear from you about a guest post collaboration. We may not be able to use your post right away, but we will always be switching things up here at Liv Forever Co!

Does your brand have an affiliate program that you think we would totally dig? Just like our sponsored content section, we are looking for brands that use eco-friendly materials for products, donate a portion of proceeds to a cause, volunteer hours to other communities, fair labor practices, and treat all employees equally If something on this list jumped out at you, we def want to hear from you!

As you can probably understand, we do not want our readers to be inundated with advertisements while reading the content on our website. For this reason, we have a select number of advertising spots for spotlighting other brands. Send an email our way and we can discuss possible advertising avenues.

We are looking to highlight everyday people with extraordinary values that add to their community. We primarily will be looking for people who struggle with some sort of hardship; whether it is being a minority in America, living with a disability, mental illness, etc. The purpose of this series is to inspire readers by people that have struggles just like them, but also have found ways to live with these struggles and work hard so that they can do what they love every day.

Do you have a great idea that you didn’t see listed in the previous options? Guess what?! We still want to hear from you! We love innovative people and brands that step outside of their comfort zones to pitch a great idea that we haven’t thought about yet for Liv Forever Co.