How To Access Your Personal Gallery


Here you will find detailed instructions on accessing your personal photo gallery and how to download all of the images in your album.

First, you will receive an email link when your photos are ready to be viewed. Upon clicking the link provided, you will be brought to the following page, where you will open your gallery by entering your email address.


While viewing your photos, you have an option to favorite images. Favoriting helps some clients to determine which photos they are interested in keeping, downloading, and printing. You can download each individual photo, if needed, but these instructions will show you how to download your entire album as a zip file.

Up in the righthand corner, there are three options you can choose; share, download or slideshow. You will choose download to obtain your album’s zip file.

After clicking download, you will be brought to a page where you will re-enter your email address, this action will protect your gallery from being downloaded from other email addresses. You will then be informed of the size of the zip file before downloading, in case you need to make any additional space on your computer, prior to downloading.

You will then receive the message below to guarantee that your request was processed and you should receive an email from ShootProof shortly afterwards.

Check your email and you will have another prompt to download. Your zip file will now start downloading onto your computer.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the downloading of your personal gallery. You can contact via the form below or by emailing us at