My Journey to Natural

I am not going to lie, there is absolutely nothing easy about transforming your whole entire life from everything you’ve known to a completely different routine, with different products, and a different lifestyle. In fact, I am still not completely switched over to all natural. I never expected to actually make that switch, but on a day like any other in the aisles of my beauty department at work, I met a woman that changed everything. While helping this particular customer choose a hair coloring product, it opened the door to a conversation on her previous experience as a co-owner with her deceased husband at a chemical distribution company in Europe. She started explaining to me about the different types of harmful chemicals that are in our hair products and how dangerous it is to use them because our scalps are super absorbent; meaning, whatever we put in our hair can go straight to our brains. Prior to meeting this woman, I had already started to make a switch to a conditioner-only hair routine, but after this conversation I started to study labels more dedicatedly and came to find that even products that claimed to be natural, still had the same chemicals she warned me about; in fact, they were in just about every product carried in my beauty department! From then forward I began the thorough process of cutting all of these types of products from my vanity, and in realizing how difficult it was to find products that I truly enjoyed that only contained natural ingredients, I decided to create my own line. Liv Naturally is my hobby, passion, and career all-in-one and I could not be any happier using my newfound knowledge to shed light to the beauty business. ~

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All-Natural Tattoo and Skin Healing Balm   


🌿Why Calendula?

Strong antiseptic
Eases swelling
Relieves pain
Prevents scars
Cools down inflammation

🌿It’s the best remedy for:

Injury to skin tissue
Stops bleeding
Cleans damaged tissue