What is Liv Forever Co?

Photo courtesy of Ali Robbins

Mr. Electrico was a fantastic creator of marvels. He sat in his electric chair every night and was electrocuted in front of all the people, young and old, of Waukegan, Illinois. When electricity surged through his body he raised a sword and knighted all the kids sitting in the front row below his platform. I had been to see Mr. Electrico the night before. When he reached me, he pointed his sword at my head and touched my brow. The electricity rushed down the sword, inside my skull, made my hair stand up and sparks fly out of my ears. He then shouted at me, ‘Live forever!’

I thought that was a wonderful idea, but how did you do it?” – Ray Bradbury

To live forever, one must simply do what they love, every single day of their lives.

Photo courtesy of Ali Robbins

Bradbury spent most of his life writing and creating content that would live forever, long after he was gone. The main message in this site is to always [write, create, express] and you will live forever. Your work will live forever just because you are doing what you love. This site is my way of living forever.

Where does Olivia come in?

I am Olivia. I am the main writer and content creator of Liv Forever Co. Writing is my passion, and I hope to inspire my readers with everything that they read here.

I was born with a facial syndrome, Treacher Collins Syndrome, which causes missing bones in the face and head, malformed ears and hearing loss. Throughout my life, I have had close to fifteen surgeries to improve my quality of life; eating, breathing, and sleeping. It is definitely not an ideal situation to grow up spending your summers in the hospital, but it helped me to grow and develop into the person I am today and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If I had the opportunity to start all over again and not be born with this syndrome, I wouldn’t take the offer. I have worked as an advocate for this syndrome my entire life, and because of this, it has made me into a kinder, more accepting and humble human being. Fast forward to my teen years and I developed a crippling depression (unassociated with my syndrome) that I am living and recovering with today, along with a sleeping disorder, narcolepsy. The two together – a destructive duo. I am here to show you that you can be successful with the limitations you were given and still create the life you want to live.

The content you are most likely to see on this site includes but is not limited to; writing, reading, art, activism, disabilities, mental health, natural living and traveling.


What is my goal with Liv Forever Co?

My goal is to inspire you with stories, experiences and quality content that will ignite action in you that will transform into a beautiful creation or the passion to make a difference.

Photo courtesy of Ali Robbins

I want to create an engaging community of open-minded souls who come from different cultures, backgrounds and belief systems that can seamlessly establish an important element of this brand.

It’s about a life that you are proud of living, where everything you have accomplished will live forever.

There is power in knowledge.